Can Anxiety Cause Tinnitus?

This article discusses the effects of anxiety on tinnitus. Many people find that they develop tinnitus not through noise damage or hearing lose but instead through anxiety or depression. This deepens our understanding of tinnitus in that it is not actually being generated by the ear but rather the brain and this can be effected by neurological and mental health issues.

You are said to be affected by tinnitus when you have a constant sensation of ringing or buzzing sound in the ear. This sound has no external sources unlike the usual sounds that we hear. This sound originates in the ear itself and is heard by the sufferer at various levels of intensity. The cause of the occurrence is sometimes physical and sometimes psychological. Mental disturbances like anxiety and stress in a person increases his chances of being affected by tinnitus. The reason behind this is the imbalance that takes place in the nervous system and the overall physiology of the sufferer.

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Source: HubPages

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