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Tinnitus Miracle Review

Tinnitus Miracle has sold millions of copies world wide and has helped people like you to finally control their tinnitus and lead full and happy lives. This post is a review of the product and what you get for your money, I hope you find it useful! Tinnitus Miracle is the only clinically proven 5-step [...]


Video: Pete Townshend on his Tinnitus

Pete Townshend talks about his tinnitus on The Late Show with David Letterman. Pete describes how he first realized he had tinnitus and the different treatments he tried. Interestingly he says that homeopathic treatments did work for him and helped him a lot. Source: Youtube


Video: Campaign To Raise Awareness

A video campaign to raise awareness that tinnitus can be caused by exposure to loud noise. Especially at clubs and concerts where the music is too loud. With so many young people being effected we need to spread the message that you should protect your ears against noise damage. Source: Youtube

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Can Anxiety Cause Tinnitus?

This article discusses the effects of anxiety on tinnitus. Many people find that they develop tinnitus not through noise damage or hearing lose but instead through anxiety or depression. This deepens our understanding of tinnitus in that it is not actually being generated by the ear but rather the brain and this can be effected [...]


Video: William Shatner talking about his tinnitus and the role of the American Tinnitus Association

William Shatner describes his experiences with tinnitus and how it effects him. He also talks about the work of the American Tinnitus Association. Source: Youtube


Video: The Doctors talk about tinnitus symptoms and cures

A clip from the Doctors tv show where they discuss tinnitus and whether there really is a cure for this distressing condition. Click through to watch on YouTube. Source: Youtube

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Habituation as a Treatment For Tinnitus

Habituation is the process of training your brain to ignor or not to notice tinnitus so much. There are a number of ways to do this from sound therapy to counseling, CBT and relaxation training. This article covers one man’s experience with tinnitus and how he learnt to use habituation to train his brain to [...]

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Video: The Causes and Treatment of Tinnitus

Here is a really interesting video about the causes of tinnitus and a new treatment that is available in the UK. The video explains what tinnitus is and how it occurs in the brain rather than the ear. It explains what causes the condition to develop and introduces a new technology with which the patient [...]

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Tinnitus Homeopathy – A Natural Way To Cure Tinnitus

Have you heard about Tinnitus Homeopathy Is ringing in the ears driving you mad? Have you been told to learn live with it? Are you considering there has to be some assistance available? Check out the options and observe if you can discover some thing which works for you. I experienced ringing in the ears [...]

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What is Tinnitus and is there a Tinnitus Remedy that works?

Are you suffering from tinnitus? Want to know if there is a tinnitus remedy that works? Find out what tinnitus is, what causes it and what treatments are available.